e-publishing on Kindle, Nook or iBookstore

An author client paid me to show him how to publish his e-book. So I learned how, and being business savvy, also learned a secret or two about this industry. 

The best kept secret is about the ISBN number, which you must have (or should have) to publish anything. The secret is that whoever first buys it from the one and only legit provider in each country, that party is forever the official publisher. And whoever is the official publisher receives ALL the royalty money from distributors. That publisher in turn is supposed to distribute the author’s share to the author, and all the other contributors. That’s how its been in publishing since the 1500’s.

Name brand legit print publishing houses keep their agreements with authors no problem, but hundreds of  “online” publishers have appeared, who are not affiliated with legit publishing houses. These folks buy ISBN numbers in bulk, and sell them cheap, or give them away, to entice you to let them be your e-publisher or your e-book. They then keep 10-20% of the royalty before passing along the remainder to the author. Of course, the fly-by-nights may not send the money after a while. Many novice e-book authors don’t know this until its all up on Kindle, Nook or iBookstore, at which time changing it is an expense and a hassle. 

Advice – Buy your own ISBN from the one legit provider of ISBNs in your country, and be sure to receive ALL the royalty. 

And… maybe contact me for other tricks of the trade on self-publishing to Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Apple iBooks.





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